Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Contest pieces

Here's a couple pieces I made for the Gnomon Workshop's annual online contests. The first one's theme was the phrase "the descent" so I drew up an image of a fallen angel plummeting through the atmosphere. (I didn't get a place in the contest, but it was a lot of fun drawing and coloring this piece.)

Here's the piece for this month's contest, wherein our theme is the phrase "the road". Mine depicts a scene where a prison inmate, assigned to roadside cleanup, finds some unusual roadkill. I always thought the side of the road would be an unexpected place to find a supernatural creature.

I also recently joined Sketch Theater (a division of Gnomon). This piece was created for their monthly contest, the theme was combat android. Hadn't drawn a robot in long time, so this was a nice exercise.

In other news, I have finally caved in and joined facebook (though many of you already know that). Though some of my art is also on my facebook page, I have a new blog that will function as my real online portfolio. Check it!


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