Monday, February 22, 2010

My favorite villain

When I was a kid, I only owned one superhero-associated action figure, and it was of my favorite villain in the Marvel universe, Carnage. And so, feeling nostalgic, I decided to draw the meanest symbiotic alien who ever lived, in all his crimson glory.

If Carnage is ever featured in a Spiderman movie, I DEMAND that he be played by Steve Buscemi (he'd be great for his voice acting alone). Speaking of Marvel comics and its characters, be sure to stop by Paolo Rivera's art blog and have a gander at his magnificent paintings, featuring the aforementioned spiderman and many others.



  1. how long did it take for you to do that one?

  2. A couple hours to pencil it, scanned it, then another couple hours to color it in Corel Painter. The program's great for coloring my existing pencil work!