Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is the first post of my new Art blog. Now I finally have a place to showcase my artwork, get feedback from the masses, and maybe, just maybe, have a little fun while I'm at it.

As for the topic of my first post ever, I was a little stumped. But I decided I'll show the pieces I entered into the Spectrum Fantastic Art Competition's unpublished category. I'll be judged alongside artists from all over the world, so here's hoping at least one of these gets in the book.

Yes, that Charlie Daniels plays a mean fiddle.

So anyways, there be the first post of my art blog: Monstrous and Free. Maybe if I'm lucky, someone will read it!
As for the Spectrum competition, I'll have to wait until April to find out if I'm in the book, so wish me luck!



  1. This is great stuff E. I've got you bookmarked and will check back often. If you haven't already, you might consider setting up a Facebook fan page. If you have, let me know and I'll join up!

    Keep the creativity flowing.....