Monday, June 7, 2010

Heroes Con 2010

Hello all, just got back from Heroes Con and it was a huge success. I got to get my portfolio reviewed by some of the best artists in the comic and concept art biz, like John Tyler Christopher and Dustin Nguyen. The great Ben Templesmith even asked me if I was on drugs when he saw some of my crazy creatures. (I'm not, of course, but you know your art's unique when the artist behind Wormwood suspects drug abuse!) Everybody was very kind and informative, and the whole Con was a blast. Special shout-outs go to John Tyler Christopher for his awesome advice, and to the very talented Sara Richard, who recommended a place to help me start making prints of my work (be sure to check out her awesome art site, especially her dinosaurs!) Everybody can expect to see me putting prints on sale and taking commissions in the near future!

Here's one of my new pieces I showed at the Con, one of the Polypous creatures from Lovecraft's Shadow Out of Time:

Hopefully I can have my very own booth at next year's Heroes Con. Thanks to all the artists who gave me a chance to show my portfolio and gave me such great feedback!


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