Monday, February 22, 2010

My favorite villain

When I was a kid, I only owned one superhero-associated action figure, and it was of my favorite villain in the Marvel universe, Carnage. And so, feeling nostalgic, I decided to draw the meanest symbiotic alien who ever lived, in all his crimson glory.

If Carnage is ever featured in a Spiderman movie, I DEMAND that he be played by Steve Buscemi (he'd be great for his voice acting alone). Speaking of Marvel comics and its characters, be sure to stop by Paolo Rivera's art blog and have a gander at his magnificent paintings, featuring the aforementioned spiderman and many others.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the air

As some of you might know, this blog is the second home of my comic strip "Best Lunch Ever". It's first home is UC Clermont college's newspaper: "The Lantern". (special thanks to Kim Taylor for recommending me, and Phoebe Reeves for making it happen) For those unfamiliar with the series, it revolves around four girls fresh out of college, renting out a house together. Starring the eccentric and artistic Tab, the quiet and computer-savvy Tiff, no-nonsense yoga enthusiast Nancy, and the tattooed athlete Sam. For those of you who can't pick up your own copy of The Lantern, all the cartoons will be archived here on my art blog for your enjoyment. (Some of these cartoons, especially the older ones, are by no means my best work. crappy pen and ink alert!)

Here are the three cartoons that have appeared in The Lantern so far, in order of publication. (click for larger picture)

And now, just for you, here is this month's cartoon:

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

The two things you're likely to see on my site

This blog is for ALL my artwork, and I do two very different types. This site is where I post my conceptual artwork, comic book art, as well as personal pieces pertaining to science fiction, fantasy, and the like. Most of them are monsters, some of them more gruesome than others. If you saw my first post and my Spectrum Competition pieces, you already know what I'm talking about.

But this is also where I'll post cartoons, like "Best Lunch Ever" currently being published in the University of Cincinnati Clermont College newspaper "The Lantern". If you're a UCC student, it's probably the only way you found out about my blog in the first place. If you aren't a UCC student, but would like to see Best Lunch Ever comic strip (I loves me some feedback), I will be posting them here on the blog on the date they're published in the paper.

So if you came looking for my adventures of four girls renting a house together, don't be put off if you find the devil playing a golden fiddle. Likewise, if you were hoping to see some badass monsters oozing terror and disease, don't be angry if you see the girly antics of four roommates, or the occasional stylized illustration for a fashion magazine. They are all equally my artwork and all equally loved. If you came to see BOTH, you (sir or madam) are in the right place.